Being a photographer can be so incredibly amazing and equally as frustrating if not equipped with the right tools. We are always learning, to say we know it all would be ridiculous because continual growth is everything. We go to workshops, we teach workshops, we take courses, we've changed our style, we're always refining our craft and what that means to be a photographer. So if you're just starting out, or just have a desire to learn something new, or just seriously need some inspiration, we're here for you! We full heartedly believe in community over competition, that's why we offer these mentorships!


business prep

We were business and finance people well before we became photographers. So, needless to say, we know our stuff when it comes to the business side of things. So if you need help with logistics or tax prep, we got you covered. 

Topics we cover may included

(but aren't limited to)...

  • pricing yourself
  • business tools
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • tax prep
  • contracts
  • pdf guides

one-on-one session

A hands on learning experience where you decide what you'd like to focus on. This is also a great opportunity to boost portfolio content. Personal mentorships are about 4 to 5 hours. 

Session includes (but not limited to)

  • live styled shoot
  • shooting
  • lighting + OCF
  • workflow (start to finish)
  • pricing
  • business stuffs: taxes / contracts / CRM
  • advertising / marketing
  • goal setting
  • portfolio critique
  • headshot of you!
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adventure retreat

Need a productive vacay? Maybe a little trip across the border with clear oceans, white sand, and margaritas will do. Never the less, our adventure retreat can be anywhere. (Travel fees outside of a 150 mile radius from San Diego are not included).  Just a couple days of relaxation and photography can you and your creative juices going again. 

Session includes (but not limited to)

  • portfolio critique
  • lighting / posing
  • workflow (and learning to take a break)
  • shooting for content
  • headshots
  • blogging
  • questions about anything
  • legit girl time with Erica