Photography for your business

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to the solo-preneur

Running a business means you are literally doing it all! (We know). And we get it, funds aren't always available to invest in professional photography on a regular basis. So, let's add one more trophy to your "did-it-myself" (DIM) shelf - photography! We're going to teach you how to take professional photos using the equipment you have and free tools to improve them. So, let's get started!



Monday, February 5th from 10am to 3pm at Hatched Collective 


what you'll learn

+ taking great photos on your smartphone / "un-fancy" camera

+ how to professionally edit your photos on your (for free)

+ designing templates for : instagram stories, facebook, giveaways and more!

+ photography techniques for : self portraits, flatlays, finding and creating the right light, and product photography


what's included:

+ lunch

+ all the photography tips & tricks

+ swag bag of goodies

+ a new headshot taken by SamErica Studios


Sounds good? Great! Just checkout below!

Photography for Your Business