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editorial branding workshop

Learning to shoot with and for branding clients and wedding vendors.

Are you a photographer who loves couples but has no idea how to love your wedding vendors?

Have you gawked and awed at magazine editorials and wondered how they make random objects look so beautiful? Are you completely stuck at styling wedding details? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then yes, this is the workshop is just for you.  

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What is branding photography?

To put it simply, branding photography is working with a brand, taking their product / service and visually turning that brand in a lifestyle. Not a sale, not an advertisement, but a lifestyle. 

Okay, but why?

If you are any kind of wedding , event, portrait, or lifestyle photographer, you need to learn to conquer more than just the money shot. You need to learn to love and capture the mundane. The details that may not be so glamorous, but are still very important. We cannot tell you how often our "mundane" shots get shared, reshared, and realistically generate more business for us. It's never the money shot. It's always the shot of a vendors work, the way we took a brand and turned it into a lifestyle, the simplicity of the details. Essentially, it's our editorial work that keeps us in business and it's what will keep you in business as well. If you're a wedding photographer, vendors referrals are everything. But the only way you're going to get those referrals is if you kick ass shooting vendor details. 

What can I learn at this workshop?

You'll learn to love the every day details. You'll learn to be a better vendor. And ultimately, you'll learn to be a better photographer. We have the unique ability to service others in such a way that can change their business. We are so fixated on "the money shot" of the couple at golden hour with the wind blowing her dress just right and the groom staring lovingly in her eyes but.... what about the rest of details? Did you get them? Did you capture the perfectly tussled hair and poppin' highlight the hair and markup artist spent hours on? Did you catch the tiny embroider details that the baker hand drew on the cake? What about the perfectly scripted hand lettering the calligrapher took months to do? It's not enough to just "get the shot" for quantity sake, in this workshop you'll learn to make a lifestyle out of those seemingly "mundane" details. You'll learn to view vendors as brands and start creating images that make a lifestyle out of their business. 

Gimme Them Details!

Workshop will be Wednesday August 15, 2018 at a studio in downtown San Diego. We will be shooting on a controlled white infinity wall with colored backdrops and lighting to pay around with. If time permits, we'll also venture outside to the city for more  lifestyle editorial work. 

Pricing + What's included

Pricing for this workshop $450 and there are only 12 spots available. This workshop includes your tuition for the workshop, 2 styled shoots (one bridal focused and one editorial focused) and lunch. 

EPIC! Sign me up!

Fill out the form below and we'll send an invoice + contract to reserve your spot! We're so excited to help you grow! 

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Vendor Participation

If you are a vendor / creative / artist who would like to have your brand showcased in any of these shoots, we'd love to have you!

Participation fee is $250 and you will receive the gallery to all images taken by SamErica Studios during the workshop.