Lavender Lemonade // Studio Bridal Editorial // Canon vs Nikon Experiment

You ever just wake up in the middle of the night with a random idea? Or like... 10 random ideas? Yeah, that's been us like every night for the past month lol. Whether it be a new project for the house, a party idea, or just a fun shoot, we are oozing experimentation this summer. It was literally a week before this shoot that I had the idea of a lavender lemonade bridal editorial (and the thought of switching from Canon to Nikon). Since it's summer, one of our favorite drinks to make is lavender lemonade and lavender margaritas (SO GOOD). Plus I think the colors are so beautiful together. So with a few phone calls and some last minute scrambling, we were off on another creative outlet shoot.

The concept kind of fell into place as I was having a conversation with one of our brides about the sweet and sour moments of a wedding day - "lavender lemonade" as I referred to wedding day. It's sweet and beautiful, but there are also moments that just kind of make your lips pucker lol. Weddings, relationship, and marriage are not always sunshine and rainbows and every couple will pick a role. One will be the relaxing lavender and the other will be strong lemons that provide nutrition. When one is stronger than the other, the mix is off and overpowering. But when they come together, and mixed just right, they make something amazing. 

And in the midst of that explanation, I realized I wanted to make a shoot out of it. But I also wanted a challenge. Setting up shoots is fun for us, so we wanted to do something with this shoot that would test our creativity. Thus, the Canon vs Nikon experiment was in full effect. We typically shoot with a 5D Mark III and a Sigma 35 lens. We like it. We're comfortable with it. So we thought we'd try something different and picked up a Nikon D750 and a Sigma 35 lens. Oh man, PROBLEM. .... I freaking love it. It's lighter, the controls are simple, but where Nikon just kicked Canon's ass for us and is kind of the deal breaker is with their color profile. Whites are actually white and made editing so freaking amazing that now we're contemplating selling all our Canon gear...

We'll see. We've invested a lot in Canon, can't jump ship yet... need to do a couple more tests ;) but shoutout to an amazing team that made this shoot possible and put up with us in our experiment!

Venue | FD Studios

Dress  + Shoes | ASOS

Hair + Makeup | Danilee Aristil

Ring Box | Etsy

Ribbon | Tono + Co

Florals | Native Poppy

Suite + Styling | Epoch Designs

Gear | Nikon D750 + Sigma 35 art lens



Colorfully Intimate Cliffside Wedding in Malibu

Matt + Eleanor's Intimate Mountaintop Wedding in Malibu, CA

SamErica Studios - Malibu Mountaintop Wedding

the venue

Hands down the most gorgeous hidden gem of a campsite we've ever seen. Gindling Hilltop Camp, located in Malibu, California is an amazing coastal campground with an extraordinary Jewish community and background.  It has the most glorious views of the ocean and jaw-dropping cliffside backdrops. Not traditionally a wedding venue, but this couple had a special connection to the camp, making their wedding uniquely special to just them. 

the love story

"A love destined to happen" is the way their family describes it. Matt and Eleanor worked at a school for special needs children together. "Their compassion and patience is what makes them such an extraordinary couple" is how guests told it. One Valentines Day, all the single teachers got together to have a night out and eat all the extra candy the kids left behind. Little did Matt and El know that that night would be the beginning of their forever. They always shared passing glances, but that night they got to connect. "I knew right then" was both of their responses as they each told us this story. Neither of them cared for formalities or following the "sequence of relationship timelines". They knew they wanted to get married, and instead of having a big surprise of a proposal from Matt, they proposed to each other. On a hillside meadow, on a perfect afternoon, they decided make the commitment to forever. Thus began the planning of the most beautiful, intentional, untraditional wedding. 

the wedding 

Matt and Eleanor have a tremendous love the outdoors. For them, being in nature, hearing the natural sounds, and being surrounded by the elements is therapeutic for them. So having a wedding that was in the midst of nature was very important to them. Matt use to work at Gindling once upon a time. With permission from camp comrades, his happy place became the foundation for the most perfect, intimate, and tranquil wedding location to share with their family. There is no such things as friends to Matt + El, just family. 

We loved their heart about the community they've created. Every person at the wedding wasn't just a guest, they were an important part of their story. Family that shaped them. Friends who became family and encouraged them. Relationships that challenged them into asking the important questions and valuing life at a level of continuous peace. It was beautiful. 

Every piece of their wedding was intentional. From the nontraditional coordination of bridesmaid and groomsmen attire, to the handmade maps El made, to having speeches and words of love spoken over them during their ceremony. The wedding was the perfect compilation and collaboration of love that painted the most accurate image of their love story. The mother of the bride had been collecting jars and miscellaneous items for centerpieces for the past year. The flowers were hand picked and sourced from local markets. The groom's cufflinks were handed down to him by each of his grandfathers. Their wedding bands were custom made by a friend of theirs. Every detail at this wedding, was made with intention and with love. And they wouldn't have had it any other way. 


vendor love

venue : Gindling Hilltop Camp 

cake: Bitten Bakes

dress: BHLDN

bride's reception kimono: Samantha Romero

groom's shoes: ALDO

custom rings: Young Sun Song

Completely obsessed? Planning a mountaintop wedding? Aight then!

Urban Chic Wedding at The Loft on Pine

the venue

If you have never experienced the total badass, urban chic that is the Loft of Pine, do yourself a favor, plan your next party there. The loft has this romantic, old renaissance vibe to it with some eclectic accents. It's located in downtown Long Beach and honestly, it's the perfect venue. Has everything you could want to complete those classic yet timeless urban vibes. Brick walls, good light, amazing getting ready suites and parking! (yes, parking is a priority lol) We fell in love with this venue the moment we saw it. We're even contemplating doing our vow renewals there (it's that legit). 

the wedding

Michelle and Devin are by far the sweetest, most humble people we have ever met. We had the honor and privilege of shooting their ceremonial wedding a few months before the celebration. The entire day was filled with so much joy and laughter as the couple got ready to celebrate with all of their friends and family. So many cultures under one roof, it was amazing. Generations of families all came together to show their love and support for Devin and Michelle. It was such a beautiful thing to behold. And the party?! OH MAN WAS IT A PARTY.  Y'all ever been to a Dominican wedding? Those are people who know how to have fun!

the surprise

Oh man, Michelle has a rock solid poker face. She wanted to wait to tell all of her bridesmaids and siblings that she and Devin were expecting baby number 2. Wait until you see the expressions on their faces!

the vendors

This wedding could not have been as amazing as it was thought these glorious people making it happen! Shoutout to all these wedding vendors to pouring their heart and soul into everything that they do. You guys are amazing!

Hair + HMUA | Sandra Michelle Artistry

Event Planning | Britt of LVL Weddings

Dress | Adrianna Papell

Florals | The Bloom of Time

Venue | The Loft on Pine

San Diego Modern Downtown Elopement

The most classic San Diego elopement you've ever seen - frolicking through downtown's Gaslamp quarter, ceremonial "I do's" at the new library, playful moments at Coronado and of course, tacos... duh. Loved everything about this styled elopement, and it's true what they say about love,  when you know, you know. 


Florals | Rooted Florals

Ring | Champagne and Glitter

Taco Topper | Jenn and Jules Design

Tacos | Salud



Pride and Prejudice Elopement

when your fifteen year old self goes completely bananas because your Pride and Prejudice dream of shoot became real life....

yep. that's all I'm going to say about that. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Venue | Sunset Cliffs San Diego (at least what's left of it)

Styling | Yours Truly

HMUA | Face By Kayla

Floras | Native Poppy

Ribbon | Tono and Co

Dress | Anthropologie + BHLDN

Jacket | TopShop

La Jolla wedding at the Miller Johnson House

New favorite thing: second shooting. It's rare we don't have our own wedding, but I love when I get to tag along and be a second shooter. It's an opportunity to get creative and just see things in a more relaxing way. I had the amazing  pleasure of second shooting for Jayleigh Daniel (if you don't know who she is, you freaking better) she's amazing and a total sweetheart and I love her to a million pieces. 

This intimate La Jolla wedding was the perfect way to kick off the year and I couldn't be more thankful to call this life mine. 

Colorfully Nostalgic Mexican Inspired Wedding | Los Peñasquitos Ranch House

I seriously sat at my computer for like 15 minutes gawking at this wedding wondering how I could share it with the world (duh, Erica, BLOG) haha, it was late, I had a long day, sue me guys. 

This wedding was nothing short of perfect. Vintage vibes, a little bit of 70's groovy feels, freaking Jarritos?! Oh, and let's not forget the bride basically diy-ed this entire wedding. I mean, she did her own hair, makeup, cut out and hand made all the flower bouquets, strung up the arch, and a zillion other things. WIFE MATERIAL. It was great. 

And I completely failed to mention that these two are freaking GORGEOUS. I mean, she's a model, he's a videographer. The good looks between these two is psychotic. 

So let me just give you a summary of the day's gloriousness - mid day sun, all the colors of the rainbow, great looking couple, killer fish tacos, and all the love in the world. 

Congrats Mark + Melissa <3




Oh man, so I had the honor and privilege of getting the last spot to Thrive Modern in Oklahoma. It was amazing. My two favorite people Melissa Marshall and Abby Metcalf put this whole thing together and if you ever get the chance, go to their next Thrive workshop, they are amazing.

It was three days of just really good, encouraging girl time. Lord knows I needed some of that. Running a business via social media is tough guys. And I don't mean tough as in it's hard to be successful, I just mean it's discouraging. You sit there scrolling past people, comparing yourself, bringing your self down, becoming jealous of others instead of praising them, then going into this self deprecating cycle of your own self and worth. It's unhealthy.

But man was this workshop a recharge for me. Melissa and Abby are so honest, and so real, on top of being freaking adorable, they are the most down to earth "celebrities" I've ever met. Melissa is even co-teaching at our next two California Dreamin' workshops which just blows my mind. Girl boss to the fullest. 

Actually, ALL the girl bosses, the amazing women that collabs and put these shoots on are freaking PHENOMENAL. Go stalk and follow all their insta accounts because.... this is an artillery of girl bosses that need to be noticed.  


Workshop | Thrive Modern

Hosts | Melissa Marshall & Abby Roses

Venue | 21 C Hotel OKC

Videography | Ethnos Creative

Dress | A and Be

Florals | The Wild Mother



Tyler + Victoria

She had me at "April fools wedding".

Oh man, when I met Tyler & Victoria, it was love at first email. Everything about them was so  completely genuine. They were the most down to earth couple I've ever met. So when they asked us to document their all-jokes-aside love story, I was in. Then Victoria gave us the details to their special day and I thought, "this must be a joke. All my photographer dreams are coming true right now."

Succulent bouquets, white brick walls, and wooden wine barrels. Oh, and the sickest hotel ever.

It had to be a scam email, right? Nope. I had the honor of shooting their engagement and meeting them for the first time and knew at that moment, they weren't kidding. Everything about their wedding was absolutely perfect! 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd, may your marriage be filled with nothing but the same joy and laughter we had the honor of capturing <3


Venue | Moniker Warehouse  | Andaz Hotel

Hair | Megan of The Lighthouse Salon

Dress | brides by Demetrios

Florals | Maria of My Flower Shop

Catering | Toast Catering

DJ | Juan Collazo of The Wedding Entertainment Collective