San Diego Couples Session at Sunset Cliffs

Sometimes you just need to take some cute pics with your boo. For no reason, other than you can. Other than you should. Other than, you love them. So we did just that on the most perfect San Diego day at Sunset Cliffs. It’s crazy to me to see the cliffs chipping away with every shoot we do there. Which, in all honestly, makes me love it even more. It’s crumbing, it wont be around forever, but the images we take there, the love we capture there, will keep Sunset Cliffs alive far after it’s gone. And that’s why, whenever clients ask if we can take pictures there, the answer will ALWAYS be, Yes!

Lavender Lemonade // Studio Bridal Editorial // Canon vs Nikon Experiment

You ever just wake up in the middle of the night with a random idea? Or like... 10 random ideas? Yeah, that's been us like every night for the past month lol. Whether it be a new project for the house, a party idea, or just a fun shoot, we are oozing experimentation this summer. It was literally a week before this shoot that I had the idea of a lavender lemonade bridal editorial (and the thought of switching from Canon to Nikon). Since it's summer, one of our favorite drinks to make is lavender lemonade and lavender margaritas (SO GOOD). Plus I think the colors are so beautiful together. So with a few phone calls and some last minute scrambling, we were off on another creative outlet shoot.

The concept kind of fell into place as I was having a conversation with one of our brides about the sweet and sour moments of a wedding day - "lavender lemonade" as I referred to wedding day. It's sweet and beautiful, but there are also moments that just kind of make your lips pucker lol. Weddings, relationship, and marriage are not always sunshine and rainbows and every couple will pick a role. One will be the relaxing lavender and the other will be strong lemons that provide nutrition. When one is stronger than the other, the mix is off and overpowering. But when they come together, and mixed just right, they make something amazing. 

And in the midst of that explanation, I realized I wanted to make a shoot out of it. But I also wanted a challenge. Setting up shoots is fun for us, so we wanted to do something with this shoot that would test our creativity. Thus, the Canon vs Nikon experiment was in full effect. We typically shoot with a 5D Mark III and a Sigma 35 lens. We like it. We're comfortable with it. So we thought we'd try something different and picked up a Nikon D750 and a Sigma 35 lens. Oh man, PROBLEM. .... I freaking love it. It's lighter, the controls are simple, but where Nikon just kicked Canon's ass for us and is kind of the deal breaker is with their color profile. Whites are actually white and made editing so freaking amazing that now we're contemplating selling all our Canon gear...

We'll see. We've invested a lot in Canon, can't jump ship yet... need to do a couple more tests ;) but shoutout to an amazing team that made this shoot possible and put up with us in our experiment!

Venue | FD Studios

Dress  + Shoes | ASOS

Hair + Makeup | Danilee Aristil

Ring Box | Etsy

Ribbon | Tono + Co

Florals | Native Poppy

Suite + Styling | Epoch Designs

Gear | Nikon D750 + Sigma 35 art lens