5 Boujee on a Budget San Diego Date Night Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought it’d be a fun to share some of our favorite date night ideas with y’all! There is so much to do in San Diego, sometimes it can be overwhelming (and expensive) so here are our top 5 boujee on a budget date night ideas in San Diego.

A Bonfire at the Beach

You can’t have a date in San Diego without going to beach (duh). But one of our favorite things to do is to have a full beach day, then a bonfire snuggle sesh. Because we’re boujee, Coronado is our favorite (it’s also where we got married so…. sentimental). AND! If you go in the summer and all the pits are taken (which does happen more often than not) you can bring your own pit! So lay out in the sun all day, then snuggle up and make smores as the sun goes down.

Take a Stroll Around Mission Bay

We are big rollerbladers, but you can easily rent a bike, LimeBike, scooter, or simply walk around Mission Bay! Rollerblading just happens to be our thing. It’s a quick way to get a little exercise in, in addition to some sightseeing! We always see a sting ray or two in the bay. It’s fun to race around and pet all the cute doggies. Plus it’s really entertaining when one of us falls on our heiny lol.

Be a Kid at Belmont Park

People forget how amazing Belmont Park is. It’s right on the water and there’s so much you can do! You can ride the rollercoaster, play arcade games, climb the rock wall, surf the fake waves, or just sit around and people watch (our personal faav). Plus, they have some dang good ice cream. This double scoop was $8!

Dinner and a Movie at The Pearl Hotel

Disclaimer on the movie part, it’s only on Wednesdays. But what better way to celebrate getting over the hump than a mid week date?! There is no fee to get in, and you guys can dine, grab a drink, and jump in the pool while you watch a movie! The Pearl Hotel is this super cute retro themed hotel that is right next to our favorite seafood place. Also, we just found out that you can rent out the entire hotel for your wedding! Staycation anyone?

Camping + Stargazing

One of the cutest things Sam ever did when we got married was a camping date night. We packed all these snacks + our pups + and our tent and headed to a campsite that was honestly like 15 minutes from our house lol. We hiked the local trail during the day, then just snuggled by the fire and watched the stars all night. Sweetwater Summit Regional Park and camping at Silverstand Beach are definitely worth the experience if you want some you time.

Camping images taken by the amaze balls Joelle Julian

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