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We live a life of boujee minimalism. We like luxury as much as we like simplicity. We are respectable professionals by day, and party connoisseurs by night. We love beach days, tacos (obviously), Spanish decor, hand made gifts and naps with our fur babies. We’ll also put you to shame on the dance floor, so just name the time and place.

We’re not traditional, mediocre, or complacent people. We’re memory makers. We want to look back on life 80 years from now laughing at “remember whens”.

We keep it real. We believe in documentation over fabrication. 

We are memory-making-relationship-people. That’s what we capture best - moments and relationships that are meaningful, wild, untraditional, crazy, totally badass, adventurous, intentional, gloriously exciting, and completely yours. We love the little details and the epic moments because that’s what makes life so special. We’re obsessed with people. We don’t want to just tell your story, we want to be a part of your story and pop bottles in celebration with you. 

So if you're down with 90s hip hop, beach bonfires, summertime kickbacks, and being a little extra... 

Drop us a line, we obviously need to be friends. 

oh, you want some more? okay!

Here are some important things you need to know about us!

  • we love Jesus, but we cuss a little (just being honest). and although our beliefs might rub some the wrong way, we will never treat anyone different or judge them based on their race, skin, gender, or sexual orientation. our job as believers is to love all people, that's it.
  • we have 2 fur babies, Oliver and Nahla. And while they are adorable as heck, they are terrorists. So... there's that.
  • we are constantly inspired by minimalism, Spanish decor, sustainable living, and basically anything HGTV/ diy-home project related
  • we are total beach bums. any vacation we go on, we are hunting for the beach. give us sandy toes and margaritas any day.
  • we actually never planned on being photographers. Erica has a masters degree in Finance and Marketing and Samual has a Bachelors in Business Administration. We did the grown up thing and learned business trades like our parents told us to, but we have always been creatives at heart. Doing marketing in LA forced us to pick up a camera for advertising purposes (which also fueled our love for branding work) then eventually transpired into a passion for people and wedding photography. 
  • we are lovers capturing lovers and we wouldn't have it any other way.