we are wild.

we are unique.

we are intentional.

we extra,lol.

Heyyyy par-tay people!

I'm Erica and I'm a little obsessed with with beautifully wild things (I'm looking at you, Samma-jamma). Together, Sam and I make up the uniquely, modernly wild tog-team known as SamErica Studios. We love the outdoors, long drives to nowhere, tacos on the beach, minimalism, Spanish decor, hand made gifts and naps with our fur children. We’ll also put you to shame on the dance floor, just name the time and place.

We are a uniquely modern love. 

We’re not traditional, mediocre, or complacent people. We’re memory makers. We want to look back on life 80 years from now laughing at “remember whens”.

We are a jump-in-the-ocean-butt-naked kind of people. We are random-road-trip-to-the-mountain-just-for-pie kind of people. We are a hunt-down-Groupon-trips-to-foreign-countries kind of people. We are a sit-around-the-fireplace-star-gazing kind of people. Dance-battle-until-we-pass-out kind of people.

We are relationship people. That’s what we capture best - the relationships that are meaningful, wild, untraditional, crazy, totally badass, adventurous, intentional, gloriously exciting, and completely yours. We love the little details and the epic moments because that’s what makes your story so unique. We’re obsessed with people. We don’t want to just tell your story, we want to be a part of your story and hoot and holler in celebration with you. If you're down to earth but also like to be a little extra... you're our people. 

Drop us a line, let’s be friends. 

Because, we aren't just photographers.

Master's Degree in Finance | Bachelor's Degree in Marketing | Project Managers | Print Designers | Event Coordinators