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We fell in love with photography as quickly as we fell in love with each other. We live for the spontaneous, adventurous, energetic, laugh-until-you-pee-your-pants feeling. So often we forget those times, so we decided to start documenting them. Best feeling in the world. Being able to capture the happy, the sad, the challenging, the adventurous, the celebrations, the memorables, and every moment in between. Something happened when we decided to cherish every moment of this amazing life - we truly started living. So if you are bold, adventurous, authentic, or hopelessly in love.  You are our kind of people. Let's go shoot.


02 | lovers behind the lens

Sam & Erica Steward


They call us "ministers of magic" ...because they never know what we're up to until they see what we've produced. 

Hi y'all! We are Sam and Erica and we are all about living that San Diego life. Born natives to this glorious city, we get to call this place home. We are real life lovers capturing lovers. We love to travel, we love making memories, we love meeting new people, and along the way we loved mixing all those things together.  We're not about that "say cheese" awkward family photo photography. Nuh uh... we're about capturing real life, intimate moments, emotions that are always felt but sometimes forgotten. We're about the genuine, the sassy, the loving, the quirky, the teasing, the playful, the embarrassing,  and every other emotion that can possibly be felt between two people hopelessly in love. We're all about that. THAT is why we love what we do. We love capturing whatever love is you. 

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